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Supporting Broward County Public Schools 

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is partnering with RethinkEd to offer extensive resources to students, staff, and parents.  These resources include lessons, training, mental health support, self-assessments, and additional materials in support of Life Skills and Wellness (LSW).

RethinkEd is a comprehensive expert-developed wellness solution designed to meet the wellness needs of the whole school community. Students, staff, educators, and families all receive the support they need to thrive with RethinkEd’s:

  • Video-based on-demand professional learning modules
  • K-12 multi-tiered wellness curriculum
  • Interactive online student activities
  • Norm-referenced wellness student surveys for grades 4-12
  • Family portal to make home connections
  • Administrative dashboards provide uniformity and transparency across the district
  • Behavior and incident data collection and progress monitoring

Learn About RethinkEd 
This overview video provides a quick look into the RethinkEd Life Skills and Wellness Platform.

Our Solution
This page provides information about the on-demand professional development videos, grade level videos and curriculum that is available on the RethinkEd platform. These resources promote well-being, connectedness, and success for all students and adults.

School Administrator Overview
This guide shares some helpful links and step-by-step instructions to assist you in accessing and navigating the platform, supporting your staff, and pulling data reports to assist in making data-based decisions. 

Download Admin Guide

Educator Overview
This detailed guide shares some helpful links and step-by-step instructions to assist you, your students, and classroom. Learn how to navigate the platform, access the student activity center, curriculum, and some helpful tips on teaching Life Skills and Wellness lessons from RethinkEd!

Download Educator Guide

Scope and Sequence
Check out the district’s scope and sequence and how you can pace Life Skills and Wellness lessons through the year. The scope and sequence includes the RethinkEd Life Skills and Wellness lesson title, and Life Skills and Wellness group-based activities. Each lesson is aligned to BCPS Character Trait of the month!

Download Scope & Sequence: September - December

Family Portal
This page has a collection of RethinkEd resources for parents and caregivers. This includes webinars, videos, guides, blog posts, and other resources that will work to support you.

Broward County Public Schools and RethinkEd have partnered to provide you access to our online Life Skills and Wellness (LSW) program. Our Life Skills and Wellness program provides videos and activities for both adults and children to support your wellbeing. You will have access to strategies and tools that will help you and your child recognize and manage emotions, build stronger relationships, and develop skills to lead happier and healthier lives. 

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