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Recorded on February 29th, 2024 | 11:00am - 2:00pm ET 


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Join RethinkEd and special guests from Los Angeles Unified School District and Belleville Public Schools for an exciting 3-hour symposium exploring key topics related to implementing Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS).

Educators will receive practical takeaways that solve the common roadblocks with MTSS implementation.  Discover solutions that can be applied directly within your current MTSS implementation efforts across:

  • Leadership
  • Data-based practices
  • Framework development
  • Sustainability measures 

We look forward to welcoming diverse district MTSS leadership teams committed to advancing equitable outcomes through multi-tiered supports for the whole child.

Session 1 LAUSD Banner

Get MTSS working for every student at your school!

If you feel like you're constantly putting out fires rather than making real progress with MTSS, you're not alone. Many educators struggle to connect the dots between academics, behavior, attendance, and the broader context of students' lives. But what if we told you MTSS can actually work to support each student?

Join Los Angeles Unified School District to unlock the secrets to making MTSS work for every student. You'll discover fresh solutions for weaving together educational best practices across tiers and systems. Get ready to:

  • Uncover root causes holding students back
  • Map student supports across academics, emotions, and community
  • Get staff onboard with MTSS
  • Monitor student progress creatively

Whether your role is in leadership, the classroom, or specialized services, this session will re-energize your perspective. Imagine an MTSS framework that seamlessly fits the needs of your unique student population. Now is the time for workable ideas that put every student's wellbeing at the heart of school wide practices.

Session 1 Slides

All attendees can download and fill out a certificate of attendance that may count toward CEUs depending on your district's approval of courses.

Webinar Host: 

Norma Spencer LAUSD

Norma Spencer
Black Student Achievement Plan 

Ms. Spencer, an unwavering leader with a remarkable twenty-six years of experience in education, commands a vast network encompassing 195 schools within one of the nation's largest districts. Her unyielding dedication revolves around heightening the standards of student support services, ensuring that every Black student under her tutelage receives an education and gains access to a truly exceptional and equitable learning journey.
Central to her transformative leadership philosophy is the resounding call to nurture the growth of educators and identify visionary leaders who will ardently champion the cause of advancing student academic achievement. In her pivotal role, Ms. Spencer serves not only as a catalyst for change but as a guiding light for all students on their quest for excellence and for educators aspiring to make a profound impact on the future landscape of education.

Session 2 Belleville Banner

Struggling with persistent behavior issues and emotional challenges? An MTSS reboot could be the key.

Join Belleville Public Schools to unlock a plan for student wellbeing success. Let's map out the tiers of support and data strategies so you can tailor emotional and behavioral help to each student’s needs.

Leave with tips to rally staff collaboration for MTSS wins schoolwide. Also, foster positive school climates that set up all students for wellbeing—especially those hit hardest.

  • Grasp MTSS components for addressing behaviors
  • Tailor MTSS tiers to diverse student needs
  • Master data tips for progress monitoring
  • Foster staff & community collaboration
  • Cultivate supportive school climates

Session 2 Slides

All attendees can download and fill out a certificate of attendance that may count toward CEUs depending on your district's approval of courses.

Webinar Host: 

Silvia Pastor Belleville

Dr. Silvia C. Pastor
Supervisor of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Supervisor of SEL - Diversity, Health & Wellness

Dr. Silvia C. Pastor promotes culturally responsive therapeutic and educational services that are evidence-based and equitable for all students and community stakeholders. She has extensive experience working with at-risk and diverse student populations in education and private practice. Her career began as a School Psychologist before becoming the Director of School Psychology at Montclair State University. Currently Dr. Pastor serves as the Supervisor of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for the Belleville Public School district where she oversees the Diversity, Health & Wellness Department and directs mental health initiatives throughout the district. Dr. Pastor and the Belleville Public Schools, along with Dr. Gubi and Kean University, is the recipient of a United States Department of Education - Mental Health Service Professional Demonstration Grant which serves to expand school-based mental health services in high-need local educational agencies.

Session 3 RethinkEd Banner

If learning gaps seem impossible to close, an MTSS reboot could be the game changer for your school. MTSS has incredible potential, but it has to be done right.

Join RethinkEd to refresh and improve your approach to MTSS for real results:

  • Decode the core pillars every MTSS framework MUST have
  • Construct academic and behavioral interventions that close gaps
  • Unify staff excitement for effective MTSS implementation

In this session, dive into the keys that take MTSS from random acts of intervention to an equitable pathway to student success.

Discover innovative progress monitoring across tiers. Unlock leadership tips to inspire schoolwide MTSS investment.

Leave equipped to transform fragmented supports into one seamless safety net for all. Bridge gaps and foster an environment where every student can achieve.

Session 3 Slides

All attendees can download and fill out a certificate of attendance that may count toward CEUs depending on your district's approval of courses.

Webinar Hosts: 

Dr. Carter Webinar

Dr. LaQuita Carter
RethinkEd Director of National Partnerships

Dr. Carter is an esteemed educational leader with a distinguished career marked by a passion for academic excellence and visionary leadership. She brings a wealth of experience, having held key leadership roles in prominent school districts across the country. Her journey in educational leadership began as a dedicated teacher, progressing through various positions such as Assistant Principal, Principal, Instructional Coach and Specialist, Executive Director of Family and Community Engagement, and Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Schools. This progression showcases a commitment to continuous growth and a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of educating the whole child.  Throughout her career, she has been a catalyst for positive change. In successfully overseeing the design and execution of district-wide leadership initiatives. Dr. Carter is a transformational leader that believes feedback is the gift of champions and will continue to serve as a thought partner while promoting equity and championing improving student outcomes while building and sustaining a thriving culture.

Roberta Scott

Dr. Roberta Scott
RethinkEd VP of National Partnerships

Dr. Roberta Scott is a distinguished passionate educator with 20 years of expertise in administration, counseling, leadership and teaching. She is currently the new Vice President for National Partnership – RethinkEd. Dr. Scott has successfully educated and empowered students to succeed despite their obstacles. Previously she served as the Director in Houston ISD, the 7th largest district in the nation, overseeing Mental and Behavioral Health initiatives. She helps lead efforts to dismantle the school to prison pipeline and build better lives for students affected by mental illness. She has experience working with districts across the country, where she supports emotional, psychological, and the social needs via a Multi-Tiered System of Supports to decrease disproportionality amongst black and brown students and increase academic performance at K-16.