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Continuity Counts: A Seamless Learning Experience with

ESY and Vizzle

Recorded on: December 7, 2023

Embark on a journey with us as we improve Extended School Year (ESY) planning!

Say farewell to the age-old challenges of student regression, and let's prepare and welcome a summer filled with uninterrupted learning and boundless growth.

Join our webinar to discover innovative strategies, led by experts, to ensure your students not only retain crucial skills but flourish during the Extended School Year.

Bid goodbye to regression and embrace a seamless transition from the classroom to a summer of thriving education with ESY and Vizzle!

What You'll Learn

  • Effortless Data Mastery: Simplify ESY planning with real-time data to foster collaborative discussions for effective student support.

  • Personalized ESY Experience: Discover tailored, standards-aligned curriculum to keep students engaged and on track with lessons customized to their unique needs.

  • Strategic Progress Monitoring: Ensure compliance and track progress toward IEP goals to drive targeted instruction and enhance student achievement.

  • Seamless Transition Mastery: Empower teachers to easily pre-assign lessons, tailor instruction to individual student needs, and foster continuous learning momentum into the new academic year. 

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All attendees can download and fill out a certificate of attendance that may count toward CEUs depending on your district's approval of courses.

Lauren Stafford Headhsot

Lauren Stafford M.Ed.
RethinkEd Director of Content and Curriculum


Driving Academic Progress this Summer with

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  • Standards-based, Differentiated Lessons

    Make learning accessible and exciting for every learner by customizing curriculum with familiar pictures from the student's own environment. 

  • Progress Monitoring

    Track progress automatically against IEP goals, generating detailed reports for compliance and growth.

  • Data-driven Insights

    Allow for personalized instruction based on each student's needs, fostering independence and achievement.

  • Engaging and Motivating

    Implement fun, game-based activities that get students intrinsically motivated about STEM/STEAM, forgetting they're learning core skills.

About The Speaker

Lauren Stafford Headhsot

Lauren Stafford M.Ed.

RethinkEd Director of Content and Curriculum

Lauren is a seasoned professional with over 24 years of experience as a special educator, administrator, and curriculum designer. Lauren emphasizes visual learning, UDL, and data-driven decision-making to drive growth and ensure student success. Currently serving as the Director of Content and Curriculum for Vizzle, a division of Rethinked, she remains at the forefront of educational innovation, consistently striving to empower educators with impactful strategies focused on student success. 

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