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Intervention and Access to Curriculum in Complex Times: Bridging the Gaps in Student Learning


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Learn exactly how Rethink Ed's Vizzle curriculum solution will ramp up all K-12 students in your school district to grade-level proficiency.


Introducing a brand-new complete K-12 curriculum suite that meets your students where they are with multi-tiered activities.


We’re thrilled to announce the expansion our brand-new Vizzle K-12 academic curriculum suite.


Leverage Standards-Based, Grade-Level, Multi-Tiered Materials 


Rethink Ed’s Vizzle K-12 courses include standards-based, grade-level, multi-tiered materials across all lessons for all 50 states. This makes the Vizzle solution distinctive in its ability to support ALL students. 


Ramp Up Achievement in Your School District


Achievement gaps have widened. 

Vizzle is structured, so content is used either as a stand-alone curriculum solution or as an adaptive solution for students to bridge the learning gap to grade-level proficiency and ramp up students who are falling behind. 


Traverse the Learning Journey with Ease


Vizzle is the tool that makes it easy and intuitive for educators to find a student’s starting point and to take them on the learning journey. 

Rethink Ed’s Vizzle, is the only award-winning digital learning library with multi-tiered K-12 English language arts, math, science, and social studies content built entirely around standards from all 50 states. 



Interactive – explore Vizzle’s 40,000+ engaging activities and resources that keep students engaged and on task

Structured – unit guides and lesson plans provide educators an easy path for their students to get started quickly

Assessments – pre and post assessments per topic ensure progress is monitored and actionable

Data Collection - information is automatically collected on each lesson, so you can assess student comprehension and progress on a continuous basis


Vizzle is a K-12 curriculum suite that is uniquely designed to help all students meet grade-level expectations. 


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"Vizzle is such a remarkable tool.  It has thousands of lessons that can be accessed very easily.  The data collection component is a great way to track the progress of each student.  Vizzle is super fun to use and very engaging for the students!!"


- Yvette, Northside ISD