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Heart-Centered Leadership:
Nurturing Social Emotional
Leadership for Transformative Impact

Recorded March 28th, 2024 | 1:00pm ET

Want to unlock your team’s full potential through empathy-driven leadership?

Join our webinar to discover the transformative power of leading from the heart with Social Emotional Learning.

In this session, we’ll explore the sweet spot where leadership meets emotional intelligence.

Gain actionable insights on how to cultivate an empathetic leadership style that positively impacts organizational culture, enhances team dynamics, and fosters a supportive environment.

You’ll Gain Strategies To:

  • Lead with compassion for enhanced capacity and organizational culture
  • Enhance team relationships through heart-centered leadership
  • Create a culture that prioritizes well-being and social-emotional growth

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About This Webinar 

Ready to create a thriving culture of empathy-driven leadership?

Join our transformative webinar unlocking the power of heart-centered leadership through Social Emotional Learning.

We'll explore the intersection where management meets emotional intelligence - that sweet spot enabling leaders to connect with and uplift their teams. Gain insights into leading with empathy, cultivating compassion over pressure.

The session will equip you with strategies to lead with heart-centered empathy, motivate through inspiration, and champion social-emotional growth across the organization. You'll gain insight to see leadership blind spots and the tools to course-correct, leading from the heart to drive sustainable peak performance.

Don't settle for disengaged teams and lackluster cultures. Register now to discover the secrets of an uplifting, heart-centered approach to SEL and leadership.

About The Speaker 

Dr. Carter Webinar-1

LaQuita Carter, Ed.D

RethinkEd Director of National Partnerships

Dr. Carter is an esteemed educational leader with a distinguished career marked by a passion for academic excellence and visionary leadership. She brings a wealth of experience, having held key leadership roles in prominent school districts across the country. Her journey in educational leadership began as a dedicated teacher, progressing through various positions such as Assistant Principal, Principal, Instructional Coach and Specialist, Executive Director of Family and Community Engagement, and Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Schools. This progression showcases a commitment to continuous growth and a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of educating the whole child.  Throughout her career, she has been a catalyst for positive change. In successfully overseeing the design and execution of district-wide leadership initiatives. Dr. Carter is a transformational leader that believes feedback is the gift of champions and will continue to serve as a thought partner while promoting equity and championing improving student outcomes while building and sustaining a thriving culture.

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