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TEKS - Does Vizzle align to the TEKS?

  • Yes, Vizzle is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills across all Vizzle Courses! 
  • Vizzle can be used as a TEKS-aligned curriculum and/or mapped to your district scope and sequence. 
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Use Vizzle to map to your district scope and sequence by subject, grade, TEKS, and/or essence statement.

CURRICULUM - Does Vizzle have a TEKS-aligned curriculum to support students with diverse instructional needs? 

  • Yes, Vizzle has a structured curriculum to support learning in a variety of settings.
  • Vizzle can be used for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 supports.
  • Automated data tracking makes it easy to monitor progress.
  • How to use our curriculum? Best Practices

Image 2 (Curriculum)

Search our Academic Library by subject, grade, and unit view to easily navigate our TEKS-aligned Courses.

Do you have a list of standards for your topics so I can plan more easily?

  • Yes, the TEKS are used to plan our frameworks with the strands at its core.
  • Scope and Standards with Unit Guides (Links) 
    • Request Access to K-12 Scope & Sequence Worksheets for Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.   -->  Send Request  <--
Vizzle Curriculum

SPECIAL EDUCATION RESOURCES – Does Vizzle have resources to support Vertical Alignment, the Essence Statements, and STAAR Alternate 2?  

Does Vizzle work with Vertical Alignment? 

  • Vizzle’s curriculum framework uses TEKS Strands to organize units and topics across subjects and grades. This makes finding vertically aligned content for intervention or enrichment a snap.
  • TEA (Texas Education Agency) provides updated documentation for vertical alignment (Pre-K-2) or 3-HS documents that can be used as a guide and work seamlessly within the library and curriculum.
  • Simply use the filters to go up or down by grade level to easily provide intervention and/or enrichment supporting the TEKS. 
Image 3 (Vertical Alignment)

Content is leveled and vertically aligned to move students from skill to skill, year over year focusing on student success.

Can Vizzle support Staar/Staar Alternate 2 Testing? 

  • Vizzle is aligned to TEKS and Essence Statements, making it easy to support students participating in STAAR and STAAR Alternate 2.
  • Use the Academic Library to search by Essence Statement, or Instructional Terms to easily plan and support assessment each year. 
Image 4 (Essence Statements)

Support testing via standards, key vocabulary/instructional terms, and essence statements

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"The lesson plans are great, and they save me time as I do not have to create my own. I love being able to see what answers the student chose and got wrong." 

Brandi Turner 
Lamar Cons ISD

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