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RethinkEd's Social and Emotional Learning, and Mental Health is an evidence-based program developed by a diverse panel of educational experts, and designed for every educator and every student. Delivered on a digital platform and designed for easy implementation, RethinkEd provides a flexible and scalable solution that empowers educators to successfully integrate and build a culture around Social and Emotional Learning, and Mental Health into their schools.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the foundation for managing emotions, having healthy relationships, understanding and empathizing with others, being responsible and safe, learning to cope with difficult situations and manage our stress, emotions, anxiety, and fear.

Educators, staff and caregivers have access to on-demand videos and learning resources to support their own mental health and emotional wellness as well as develop knowledge around SEL and Inclusion. They will also have access to a comprehensive curriculum containing student videos, instructional materials, lessons, and activities to implement with their students/children. School teams will be able to access assessments to drive content and monitor progress. Students will have direct access to grade level assigned videos and activities through the student learning center.

For more information about RethinkEd SEL check out Our Solution.

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RethinkEd for Administrators

This introduction will support administrators and principals with an overview of RethinkEd SEL, supports that are included with access, and benefits of using SEL.

RethinkEd for Educators & Staff

Support for educators and staff with an overview of the RethinkEd SEL Platform, important dates, getting started guides and other documents to facilitate learning and instruction.

RethinkEd for Parents & Caregivers

This introduction will support parents and caregivers with information about accessing RethinkEd and navigating the platform.