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Special Education Solution

RethinkEd’s Special Education Success solution combines technology and research to power a comprehensive suite of tools that deliver innovative, scalable, individualized, defensible and evidence-based supports for students with special needs.  Learn More -->

Vizzle K-12 Curriculum Solution

Multi-tiered standards-aligned activities provide access for all students to achieve academic success.  Learn More -->

Fundamentals of Special Education Series

These training modules are designed to help improve educator instructional delivery through establishing quality learning environments and teaching strategies to meet the needs of all learners.  Watch an example module: Setting Up Your Physical Environment below.

Setting Up Your Physical Environment

You Will Learn

  • Physical Environment & Set-up
  • Organized Environment
  • Organized Staff Schedules
  • Utilizing Environment

Vizzle K-12 Curriculum

Vizzle is a comprehensive standards-based K-12 curriculum suite that is uniquely designed to help all students meet grade-level expectations.

Fix 3 Big Issues Facing Districts

Discover the tools that districts are using to solve 3 of the most important issues.

1. All students need access to rigorous standards-aligned content and curriculum. 

2. Educators are challenged to find differentiated resources.

3. Districts are struggling with learning loss, continuity of services, and progress.

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Download Now

Intervention and Access to Curriculum in Complex Times: Bridge the Gaps in Student Learning

  • Do you need rigorous standards-aligned content to bridge the gaps and provide intervention for student success? Learn how districts are providing standards-aligned, data-driven intervention utilizing UDL principles in a way that students love!

  • Are your educators struggling to support diverse learning communities with multi-tiered resources and activities? Listen to our administrators share how they are meeting the needs of students, from curriculum to targeted skills intervention.

  • Is lack of continuity in services creating learning loss for students across your district? Whether year to year, teacher to teacher, absences, or changes in scheduling, technology can strengthen the bridge so students never miss a beat.

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Supporting Parents & Caregivers

RethinkEd continues to be committed to a healthy and positive culture of learning for schools, students, and families. We provide a variety of resources for caregivers to use that support their children's well-being as well as their own. These resources include help with managing behavior and building independence, providing structure and routine, and keeping learning interesting and fun in the home environment.

Reading Comprehension at Home

This video focuses on strategies that will allow your child to make strong connections to reading material. (9 minutes)


Making a First / Then Board

How to use this two-step queueing system to help students focus on what is being expected of them at the current moment, and gives them insight into what they'll be doing later. (9 minutes)


Tips and Strategies for Mindfulness

This video contains tips, strategies, and recommendations for incorporating mindful moments into your everyday life. (10 minutes)

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