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4 Tips to Seamlessly Weave SEL Skills Into Your Everyday Teaching Practice

You already have a lot on your plate, a lot of responsibilities and a lot of things to do. The idea of adding something else to your plate can seem so daunting, but…
Educators and students can both benefit from SEL!
To make SEL an integrated practice, educators must be given the time and resources to integrate SEL into their pedagogy. But of course, this may not always appear to be the case. 

Join RethinkEd as we discuss how to empower your schools to seamlessly integrate SEL throughout academic instruction without much added effort in order to positively impact educators, students and whole school communities.

What You'll Learn

The 4 easy tips for integrating SEL into your school and classroom practices: 

  • Learn the most important thing a teacher can do to help students learn, based on recent research.
  • Find out how to easily integrate SEL in a sustainable, intentional, and transparent way.
  • Discover why SEL has to be more than just part of the daily instruction in order to succeed.
  • Explore the way to build support to help educators implement best practices with fidelity and efficacy.

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- How to know when you spend too much time online and need to log off

Excerpts From:
- The Social Dilemma, a documentary on Netflix 

About This Webinar

We all know teaching social and emotional learning (SEL) is essential for the well-being and success of educators and students. Yet, finding the time and resources to integrate these SEL skills can seem intensive and daunting, and can be something that gets neglected.

But it must be done because the benefits for both teachers and students are too great to ignore!

In this webinar, you will learn the four step process to seamlessly weave SEL skills into your everyday teaching practice for the success of both educators and students.


About The Speaker

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Kayla McLaughlin

RethinkEd Curriculum Director - SEL/MH

Kayla is a former teacher, curriculum developer, social and emotional learning consultant, and instructional coach, certified in instructional and curricular supervision and social and emotional learning. In her previous work she supported teachers in integrating social and emotional learning through curricular development and academic instruction. Kayla is passionate about using research and cognitive science to inform best practices in both curriculum and instruction and finding ways to leverage the benefits of social and emotional learning to serve the whole child.