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Behavior PD

Empower Educators with Tools for

Behavior Management and Student Success


Executive Summary

Classrooms are facing numerous challenges within today’s educational landscape, with one of the most pressing issues being the shortage of qualified teachers prepared to handle the growing urgency of managing problem behaviors.

This shortage has created a need for ongoing professional development opportunities that can help teachers better support the diverse needs of their students.

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Preparing Educators to Address the Rising Problem of Behavior Problems

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Behavior Training Series Modules 

Learn How To:

  • Give students clear, descriptive praise to ensure the student understands the behavior that you are reinforcing.
  • Match student feedback preferences such as public or private feedback.
  • Present feedback in a timely manner, visual, written, or verbal to help students maintain or learn desired behaviors.
Understanding Behavior - Behavior Specific Feedback
Creating Positive Learning Environments - Behavior Specific Feedback
Teaching Behavior Skills - Behavior Specific Feedback
Managing Behavior - Behavior Specific Feedback