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MTSS: Data Driven Decision-Making and Problem Solving


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What You'll Learn

Schools and educators always have a tidal wave of data coming, especially from utilizing their Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and various forms of educational technology.

However, …

"district leaders see a big need for tools that will help them make better use of the flood of information." ~ EdWeek

It’s time to absorb and understand all your data!

Join RethinkEd as we discuss how you, as educational leaders, can utilize data to guide your decision making, set and manage goals, monitor progress, and improve your school community.

  • Learn how data decision making can improve responsiveness to student outcomes
  • Explore a variety of data tools to monitor whole student and whole school progress
  • Find out how data teams are vital to supporting a multi-tiered system of supports
  • Discover how to process and analyze data for effectiveness

Erin Hornbeck
Director of MTSS and SEL, RethinkEd

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About This Webinar

Why is data-driven decision making so crucial for implementation and school improvement? Why are leaders turning to data to help guide their leadership and school improvements?

During this webinar, we discuss how an effective MTSS framework relies on data collection, analysis, data-based decision making, and problem solving as key components to fidelity of implementation. We will also explore the leading reasons for utilizing and engaging in data-driven decision making and problem solving, and integrating a variety of data to identify areas for progress and improvement.

The expert will share insight into key reasons for active and efficient data-driven decision making to:

  • meet accountability requirements
  • prioritize goals and monitor progress
  • work toward effective and continuous improvements
  • establish a sense of community through analysis and organizational learning

About The Speaker

Erin Hornbeck Screenshot

Erin Hornbeck

Director of MTSS and SEL

Erin Hornbeck is an accomplished leader in Professional learning and leadership program and project management, onboarding and customer success management including developing and managing metrics on equity and diversity programs. She is a proven leader in cultivating a learning culture and creating impact to corporate strategy and financial impact. Erin is an influential and collaborative leader with the ability to positively develop a company’s culture and skills around learning and leadership programs, frameworks and systems, ensuring a superior customer experience.

Additionally, Erin is responsible for providing learning, leadership and organizational program and project development in the implementation, evaluation, and sustainability of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) nationally.