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RethinkEd Social and Emotional Learning and Mental Health is an evidence-based program developed by a diverse panel of educational experts, and designed for every educator and every student. Delivered on a digital platform and designed for easy implementation, RethinkEd SEL and Mental Health provides a flexible and scalable solution that empowers educators to successfully integrate and build a culture around Social and Emotional Learning and Mental Health into their schools.


Rethink SEL Professional Learning

Because the best educators are learners first, Rethink SEL features a course of 34+ on-demand Professional Learning modules that prepare adults to act as role models for the SEL skills they want to see in their students. With the addition of our Mental Health and SEL, Rethink SEL is the flexible and scalable solution to building healthy school climates and environments that support the well-being of all.

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Rethink SEL Student Lessons

Rethink SEL features a comprehensive K-12 student curriculum mapped to CASEL’s core competencies and includes lessons in 5 categories that promote awareness of self and others, self-management, social skills, social awareness, and self-care. Our curriculum offers individualized lesson plans for all tiers of learners.

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