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Burnout to Brilliance: A Blueprint for Better Mental Health and Student Behavior

Recorded: November 9th, 2023 

Teacher burnout? Behavior issues?

With a surge in behavior incidents and a decline in teacher retention, schools are at a crossroads.

The solution is crystal clear: when schools place teacher wellness at the forefront, behavior incidents decrease, and students thrive.

Join RethinkEd for an enlightening discussion on why both educators and administrators must make teacher wellness a top priority, and discover practical steps for immediate action and visionary strategies for a brighter educational future. 

Help cultivate the positive school community you envision!


What You'll Learn

  • Identify strategies to reduce teacher burnout and improve student behavior
  • Learn how prioritizing educator wellness creates a positive school community
  • Gain actionable tools to teach critical wellness and prosocial skills
  • Discover the blueprint of practices for prioritizing educator wellness

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Kayla McLaughlin

Kayla McLaughlin
RethinkEd Curriculum Director - SEL/MH


All attendees can download and fill out a certificate of attendance that may count toward CEUs depending on your district's approval of courses.


About The Presenter

Kayla McLaughlin

Kayla McLaughlin

RethinkEd Curriculum Director - SEL/MH

Kayla is a former teacher, curriculum developer, social and emotional learning consultant, and instructional coach, certified in instructional and curricular supervision and social and emotional learning. In her previous work she supported teachers in integrating social and emotional learning through curricular development and academic instruction. Kayla is passionate about using research and cognitive science to inform best practices in both curriculum and instruction and finding ways to leverage the benefits of social and emotional learning to serve the whole child.

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